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It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything from the garden – I think I was so overwhelmed with my peony love that I didn’t even post photos of them.. Or the poppies.. Or the irises.. So let’s catch up with the garden!

This shot is from the outside looking in the window of our porch. It’s the corner where I let myself experiment with little seedlings and grow herbs in pots. Maybe I should call it my “kitchen garden”, doesn’t that sound fancy?

Our annabelle hydrangea is out of control. That’s the only way to describe it. But it makes great bouquets to bring for Grandma.

A side garden shot from a couple of weeks ago.. There are the poppies! (Wow, that’s the second time in one post I almost typed “poopies” instead of “poppies”. Really?!)

Side Garden

Spider wort. I like this stuff, but I don’t really like where I have it planted. It’s kind of in a holding area until I can find it a more permanent home.

Spider Wort

Sweet peas! These have been a super fun experiment and have opened up my eyes to the world of awesomeness that is flowering vines. From now on I’m planting vines every year in the front and back, I’ll show you later what I mean.. But I’m loving them big time.

However, I don’t think these particular sweet peas are the smashing success I had in my head. The package said they’d get to be 15 feet and it’s just not gonna happen. I hope they still flower though. I’ve heard the flowers are super fragrant and pretty cut flowers.

Any advice for a newbie sweet pea grower? I’d love to hear it!

What’s growing in your garden these days?