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Ooooh it’s a hot one, Friends! Maybe today will be the day where I finally start working on my tan.. Although since I’m no longer 18, the importance of having a “good” tan diminishes more and more every year. Know what I mean?

Anyway, while I choose between SPF 15 and SPF 70 (or something in the middle), let’s have some Link Love inspiration, shall we?


Another classic novel hits the big screen. Thoughts?

Kid, You Are Not Special.

Have you heard of Safe Families? Some friends of ours are a safe family, and I think that is pretty cool.

Swimming in a pink lake.

This guy bought an old Boeing 727 to put in his backyard, spent a lot of cash to do so, and I’m still trying to figure out why.

Things You Can Say to Plants to Make Them Grow – so funny!

This girl has an entire pinboard dedicated to cat art. So yeah, I’m following it for shhhhure.

More chair love.

Have you ever photoshopped extra people into your photos?

Mini Gardens – ridiculous? Or tempting?

Urban trees reveal income inequality? – hmm..

What a weird bunch of links today, right? And nothing for Father’s Day. Sorry, Dads. Happy Father’s Day to my Dad & Dad-B! Looking forward to Dad parties all day tomorrow. They’re usually some of the most fun ones.

Enjoy your weekend, Friends! Maybe you’ll start it off by sitting back, sipping your coffee, & staring for a few minutes at the beauty that is Yosemite. That’s what I did anyway.