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Do you remember when I recently came clean about my love for wicker/baskets? (Wow, still hard to say, can be taken down so many wrong roads..) Welp, today I’m admitting to something even more offensive: Rattan. We’re talking furniture, people.

Once again, a disclaimer: I really like some of it. I really don’t like most of it. Just the  special stuff like these chairs: beautiful.

Vintage Rattan Chairs, Pairsource

And don’t get me started on the whole hanging chair thing.. The idea that you can sit in a chair with your toes grazing the floor.. Gently swaying in the open air, shaded from the direct sun by your egg-shaped chair, reading a book, sipping lemonade.. Aaand it’s official. I’m Pinspired.

Sources: 1/2/3/4 (thank you, Pinterest!)

Last week Josh & I were at an estate sale of an old home on the other side of town. Rumor has it that the home was once a funeral parlor (really?) and a parsonage. Most recently it had a family in there that had a collection of awwwesome rattan furniture.

This is where a little Pinterest dream of mine came true. Not quite a hanging chair (which if I’m honest wouldn’t work in our house anyway – they need more space than I can offer.. Right? Right..) but the next best thing. A rocker.

The rocker came home with us. Do we have space for it? Not really. Will I make space for it? Absolutely.

We didn’t buy the couch – I just couldn’t manipulate my reality quite enough to squeeze it in. But I did try. That thing may be haunting my dreams for a while.

So, Friends, I’m a little scared to ask this.. But.. What do you think? Are you a rattan fan? Or do you want a rattan ban?

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