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First, thank you for all of your sweet comments, emails, messages, etc.. about my last post. You sure made me feel loved, and I love you right back!

So I had a post all planned out for today (mostly garden stuff so if that’s not your bag, you’re in luck) but sometimes I just can’t squeeze it all in. And since it’s my blog and there are no rules, I don’t mind letting it sit undone every now and then. Know what I mean?

Instead of blogging Tuesday night Josh & I spent the night at a black tie dinner, sharing the table with a lady who suspiciously poured herself a glass of red wine, swirled it, sniffed it, and said thoughtfully “it’s really no better than the white.” To her left were a mother and daughter who had to leave before most of us were through eating the main course because it “wasn’t vegetarian”. Sad, they never got to see the dessert table which ended up being a little glimpse of heaven and totally worth sticking around for. (It was more fun than I just made it sound. People  just make me laugh sometimes and around here we like to showcase the ridiculous. See the previous post for proof..)

Last night, no post – we were at Grandpa Brandsen’s 89th birthday party. This time it was a chocolate cake made from scratch (by Mom Brandsen) that lured me away from blogging. (Happy Birthday, Grandpa!)

Good thing there’s always next week. Although with a wedding tonight (good thing I bought that new dress!), party on Saturday (2 years of no IV’S!), and a family party after church on Sunday before care group.. Monday’s post may be a tad on the spare side too.

So. Stay tuned! I’m glad you stick around this blog. It’s a lot more fun with you here too.