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Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Friends! Good news today. This week I’ve officially been IV antibiotic-freeeeeeee for TWO. WHOLE. YEARS! This is quite the milestone for me (in case you can’t tell) & my veins have just been loving life. Let’s have some context for this excitment, shall we?

  • The first time I did IV antibiotics (only used when oral antibiotics have failed to kick out a lung infection) was when I was just about to start my sophomore year in high school (age 15). I spent a week in the hospital for treatment.
  • The next time I needed IV’s was a couple of months after Josh & I were married (I was 24). I did that session (and the rest of them since then) at home with home care nurses. They even put the picc line in at my house. WORST IDEA EVER. I still semi-hyperventilate just thinking about it.
  • From that time on I’ve done IV therapy once or twice a year-ish. I’m running out of available veins due to scar tissue buildup, and will probably need a port placed when I need more IV therapy down the road. This used to really be ultra scary to me but is much less so now. All I needed was a real surgery to fix that fear! ha.
  • Two years ago this week I was just pulling out of a particularly long session – 8 weeks (yup, long hard spring) of IV’s.. And I came out feeling GREAT, which blew my mind. I took a breathing test and did better than I had in years..
  • And then the next month I had major surgery. Recovered. And made it 17 whole months without even oral antibiotics. What a ride.

Two. Whole. Years. I’m so thankful. My health doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone around me. And I know there are a bunch of you out there praying for me (and my brother Mark). Thank you – I am confident that my good health is the result of lots and lots of answered prayers.

Sooo.. I guess there’s nothing left to do here but DANCE! Get on your feet, people! Time to boogie down!

*My experience living with CF is my own. (My brother) Mark’s story is different from mine, same as every CF patient. The truth is that many adult CF patients spend much of their time battling illness, and I don’t mean to minimize what they go through. I also know that I am not exempt. Life is not easy (for anyone!) – so celebrating the good stuff is where it’s at! It’s that whole “Count Your Blessings” thing, right?