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Welp, that week went by fast! I’ll take a four-day work week any time, thank you very much.

P.S. I love this bedroom (below). I’d love to spend a week here – because in my perfect world this bedroom would be located in a white-walled home on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. Okay, let’s make it two weeks.

But enough about that, let’s get on with some Link Love inspiration..


A hot air balloon photobooth for kids!

This is a 6 minute video.. Of a reaaaaally good proposal.

This couple has worn matching outfits every day for 35 years. (“Yikes” or “Aww”?)

Have you heard of the papple? Sounds good!

Another use for the pile of boxes in our basement. This one, though, is by far my favorite. (Don’t skip over this link – you’re gonna love it too!)

June’s here! Check out this free printable calendar.

I love modern planters almost as much as I love vintage ones.

7 Things to Avoid When Preparing a Vegetable Garden.

I love these photos so much! The colors, the subject.. Everything. Love.

..But it’s hard to beat this scenery! Thinking of you this morning, my Australian Friend!

I can’t help but think a mini flower crown would be adorable on a certain niece who will be here before long.

Okay, Friends! Another bunch of links to browse while we’re sitting back, sipping our coffee, and taking a breather before we start our day. Did you have a favorite this time around?

Oh, and Happy Weekend! There is nothing, nothing like a nice slow Saturday
morning. And an extra cup of coffee. And maybe a little of this once the rain clears.