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I just had to share this with you, Friends. It’s my favorite item we’ve ever had in our Etsy shop!

Your eyes are not deceiving you – it is indeed a strand of neon patio lights!

The story? I was at an estate sale and it was super crowded. I did the obvious thing – grabbed a big cardboard box so I’d be in everybody’s way, and started loading it up with super cool stuff.

In the basement, underneath a table of old junky Christmas stuff, was a cardboard box with neon balls in it. Interesting. I glanced in and saw it was a light strand. Gasp! Grabbing the box (and shielding the contents from other curious shoppers) I found the nearest outlet and plugged them in..

..Annnd they worked! By now my shortness of breath was drawing attention. The guy next to me got a good look at my loot and said “Wow, that’s a great find!” To which I replied, “I can’t believe they work!”

The rest is history. I’m gonna have a hard time letting this one go, but it is so crazy cool it deserves to be set free.

And that, my Friends, is a neon love story. To be continued, when someone else falls in love with it too.