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This was a weekend full of family and fun. The house didn’t get cleaned, the laundry is not done, and I’ve got an inbox full of things to take care of – proof of time well spent!

We capped it off yesterday with the first windsurfing trip to Lake Michigan, which according to Josh & Nate was “epic”. Sand behind the ears and windows rolled down on the way home, listening to the B side of an old cassette tape.

Welcome, Summer!

P.S. After a ridiculous amount of time searching and buying three rejects, I finally found a swim suit. (Rules: Non-Speedo and not meant for a 16-year-old, also must cover up the scar from my surgery which goes from Mexico to Canada.) I’m just mentioning it here because the Land’s End suits are really well made and who knows, maybe you’re still searching too. I bought mine at Sears (lifetime warranty!) after checking them out online.Β