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I really like poppies. If they didn’t bloom at the same time as peonies maybe I’d talk about them more around here, because they really do deserve it.

For a while now my neighbor Rosie and I have had our eyes on another neighbor’s poppies. The house next to Rosie’s is currently uninhabited & being prepped for sale.. And these gorgeous poppies are out there blooming their heads off & no one knows or cares. Which is obviously tragic.

Rosie & I have frequently joked about me hopping the fence & helping myself to these poppies – it’s good to split perennials anyway, right? I planned to execute my poppy-stealing mission as soon as they’re done blooming.. But it’s surprisingly hard to get yourself to climb a fence and take things from someone else’s yard without permission, even for hardened flower stealers such as myself.

Then yesterday, out of nowhere, Rosie handed me a clump of poppies over the fence. She did the dirty work for me!Β It’s such a good feeling to know that I no longer have to steal the flowers because someone else already did it.
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Turns out Rosie talked with the owner yesterday morning & he helped her split up the poppies for her yard and some for me too. There may be a little less mystique and intrigue to them than I was expecting, perhaps, but I’m trying to see that as a good thing.

These oh-so-special little pretties are going in our front yard where they’ll be enjoyed by many, instead of being left overgrown in a neglected backyard garden.

Now I’m just gonna have to fight the bunnies for them. But that’s a whole different post.