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This weekend is supposed to be full of sun and temps into the 80’s. If you could see how fluorescently blue-white my skin is you would be oh-so-amused. Oh yes, it’s gonna look like I ate glow sticks. If only my 18-year-old self could see me now. If only I could go back to age 18 and apply some sunscreen!

And now for a little Link Love inspiration.

Loving these flowers for the wall:

And these flowers to wear:

floral shift dress | fashion | dress - gah! love this!sources: onetwo

I would love to have this many different species of peonies in my own yard.

Good idea/bad idea? Play with your food.

I love this silly blog. And I wouldn’t mind attracting a forest quilt to my house either.

Lego birds!

Oh, so that’s where “Hollywood” comes from!

Oh gosh! Gale-force winds directly to the face. This had me laughing to the point of tears. Disturbing? Definitely. Still funny? Somehow, yes.

“We know what you’re thinking and no we’re not related

I am often wishing I could pop down to Nashville for the weekend. But June 9 is looking like a must-see. If you go to this event, I want pictures!

Falling Garden. A museum exhibit that makes you lay on the ground?

Okay, Friends, I hope you take a moment to sit back, sip your coffee, and love your life today. Right where you are! Loving it?! Me too.

And so, Happy Weekend!