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Josh & I are having a garage sale this weekend. Although our little house doesn’t have a ton of room for keeping old junk around, it does a good job of piling up anyway. Soo.. One of my goals over this past weekend was to de-junk the closets and my potting/gardening supplies. And organize them.

This little cupboard sits on our back porch, and throughout most of the year it’s my go-to spot for re-potting, storing my gardening gloves, and little tools like trowels and such. It’s also right at the entrance to the house so I end up dumping lots of miscellaneous stuff there, like new items for the etsy shop or seeds that I haven’t planted yet.

And it’s a total mess.

When this cupboard is a mess, the mess overflows into the kitchen, garage, basement, anywhere. Which is why for the last week we’ve had a dahlia tuber (waiting to be planted) sitting on the kitchen counter.

Once everything came out, I sorted through my old flower info tags and tossed the annuals from years past and the perennials that didn’t live. Potting soil got a new home, old pots got set out for the garage sale, and others were stacked and ready for use. Etsy items got put away where they belong, and then I found the shirt.

The shirt. In the brown paper bag, the black thing with neon flowers and butterflies. The one that Mom & I have been passing back & forth between our houses for years, in sneaky hiding places, because neither of us is willing to claim ownership of this hideousness. It has been in my house. For possibly a Very. Long. Time. And now Mom has a good idea of how often I don’t clean this cupboard out, or even inspect its contents.Β Terrific.

Anyway, here’s the finished product!

Still crammed with stuff, but trust me, it’s better than before. And I’m one step closer to being ready for the garage sale!