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Dear Above Photo, you are gorgeous. Pinterest is just a beautiful thing, despite its faults. Oh yes, it is.

This weekend I have a long list of things to do – mostly to do with cleaning the basement, to be honest. But as always there are places to go and people to see! I think I feel a good time coming on.. But before we get up and at it, let’s have ourselves some Link Love, shall we?

Ridiculously pretty flowers.

..And, it’s been sooo long since I’ve seen these movies. It’s like seeing old friends!

I guess it was just a matter of time before some genius invented glow in the dark pots.

Woah! Have you seen these embroidered book covers? (Found via)

Pretty Pretty lamp! (Not so pretty price)

This is the cutest dresser transformation I think I’ve seen. Imagine it in a nursery! Or anywhere!

What if we started our day every day with a little bit of this? (Anyone who has ever seen me in the morning knows that will never. happen. But a girl can dream!)

Wow. Mowercycle. Genius!

Hanging out.

I’m still stuck in that last photo. I’ll just be over here, sitting back, sipping my coffee, & daydreaming for a few minutes.

Happy Weekend, Friends! Any Cinco de Mayo celebrators out there?