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I had a bit of a scare this week, Friends. I walked out of our backdoor yesterday to see that the hydrangeas next to our porch had somehow contracted a hideous disease overnight. Look at these things!

I’m already fighting a fungus on some nearby peonies so I instantly knew that the crazy amounts of wind we’ve had somehow spread the fungus to the hydrangeas and I was probably going to have to cut them way back. Maybe even to the ground so the fungus doesn’t spread. Maybe I’ll have to dig them out because they’re ruined!

The (very small) piece of me that wasn’t devastated by this mystery fungus sweeping the yard collected sample leaves from every affected bush and took detailed photos. I put them in a brown paper bag (carefully, you don’t want the fungus flying around & spreading, you know) & brought them to the neighborhood garden center.

There, very kindly, I was informed that the damage to my hydrangeas was not in fact a mystery fungus. Not really a mystery at all. Just frost. Um, hello!? I live in Michigan! How did I not guess this?? I mean.. Mystery fungus? Come on..

So. Now that the heavy cloud of doom has been lifted, here are a few more things around the garden this week.


My (very favorite) yellow tree peony that you will be seeing lots more of especially once it blooms:

The actual fungus battleground (Yes, I am fighting the good fight):

And a different type of battleground altogether: anti-bunny land. Yes. This is our front yard.

I bought these ranunculous in March. Yes I did, couldn’t say “no”. And I can’t say I’m sorry!