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another daysource

Just another SATURDAY, you mean. Let’s get this weekend rolling with a little Link Love Inspiration, shall we?

I’m not sure I could be trusted around these albino redwoods enough for this guy to tell me his secrets. I do have a history of stealing flowers, although I haven’t ventured into tree theft quite yet.

This is rare: a craft project that actually has me tempted! So much gift potential..

16 reasons why the plastic sheds at Home Depot fail to inspire. (#4!! Look at #4!!)

And also some Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds.

4-part Philodendron.

Gasp! This bathroom on top of a 15-story elevator shaft made me instantly sick. Hand over mouth, pulse racing, the works. All from a photo! 

Miami Retirees in the early 80’s. I giggled my way through these photos.

Tattoos that benefit charity? Double score. I’ll take one of each.

Great Blue Herons in your face!

And a baby elephant playing on the beachohmyword the 2nd-to-last photo!


Those poppies. Gorgeous. Can you imagine just being able to go to your back yard & pick those? Dreams. I’m just sitting back, sipping my coffee, & wishing. That’s all.

Happy Weekend, Friends! I’ll be bouncing around from baby shower to visiting family to baptisms.. But I’m secretly hoping for some one-on-one time with the garden. What are you doing this weekend?

P.S. Are you a Hunger Games fan? Check out this article.