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My Mom’s 60th birthday was last month, and I thought I’d share today about how we celebrated with her. After reading this post, where a 38-year-old spent her birthday performing Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK), we were completely inspired. For Mom’s 60th, I sent an email to many of her friends and asked them to honor Mom’s big day by finding an RAOK to do and let me know what it was.
The response was heartwarming and encouraging and exciting – check out these RAOK’s!
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Random Acts of Kindness:
  • Donated $100 towards medical expenses
  • Gave treats to the kids at work
  • Babysat grandkids for a day so her daughter & husband could spend a special day together in Yosemite
  • Brought an orchid to the nurses at a convalescent facility that had taken care of her aunt
  • Made lunch for 2 worn-out moms of young kids, and sent them home with groceries
  • Rented a luggage cart at the airport for a stranger
  • Made a homemade birthday cake for a co-worker whose family is out-of-state
  • Purchased a $5 gift card at Target for a young mom (from a young mom)
  • Held doors open & let other people ahead in line during a family trip to DC
  • Purchased an ice cream cone for an 87-year-old lady in the hospital lobby
  • Donated $ towards a co-worker’s cancer treatments
  • Babysat a friend’s kids
  • At the checkout at the grocery store, paid for a young family’s groceries
  • Helped buy a wedding cake for a bride who unexpectedly needed a backup cake
  • Made pot pies for a daughter, and the daughter’s friend who was headed into surgery
  • Mailed a card to Grandma Ryan (from a Dear Old Friend)
  • Donated $60 to World Vision in Mom’s name
  • Gave the next guy in line a $10 gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Gifted a hard-working waiter with an extra special tip
  • Gave a huge bag of craft supplies to a foster family with 2 special needs girls, and another to a foster family that knows poor kids in the neighborhood
  • Brought pre-made scrapbooks to the Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Paid for a little boy’s toy car in line at Target
  • Gave spare change to someone who needed it in line at Costco
  • Helped a handicapped man who dropped change on the ground
  • Stood in for her daughter at a funeral of her daughter’s in-laws – her daughter is in New Zealand and was unable to attend
  • Gave $10 Subway gift cards to 3 different people who work in the same building
  • Donated money towards sending kids to Muscular Dystrophy Camp
  • Signed 2 petitions
  • Gave a mother & son a ride home from the son’s day program
  • Sent 2 Family Fare cards to people who could use the extra cash
  • Helped another shopper find some pants that she liked
  • Gave a man change at the checkout
  • Picked up branches and twigs from the neighbor’s yard
  • Bought a coffee for the next person in the McDonald’s drive through. And prayed for them. Also brought a coffee to a co-worker
  • Prepared and delivered a dinner for a new mom
  • Took a former jail inmate to lunch
  • Brought flowers from the garden to a 97-year-old widow
  • Took a night shift of nursing for a co-worker whose grandmother had passed away
  • Also, this choir of 9-year-olds performed a special song just for mom:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsnn9Izy_rc&feature=youtu.be w=500&h=400]

Not only did the kids make this video, but they also did all of the following RAOK’S (and you’re gonna love ’em):

  • Collected backpacks
  • Collected tambourines
  • Gave 2 gift cards at Starbucks
  • Put up the backdrop for the new music teacher
  • Let the (younger) 4th graders play drums
  • Returned the cart at the grocery store
  • Gave an Easter present to a friend
  • Picked up dropped objects
  • Helped make dinner
  • Put on wifi for mom
  • Made a tent for sister
  • Helped with sick sister
  • Shared poncho in the rain at science camp (my personal favorite!)
  • Made mom’s lunch
  • Knitted hats for a child undergoing 2 years of chemo
  • Set up chairs for the custodian, and the sound system for a musical
  • 2 gifts to Peet’s (coffee) customers
  • Helped brother with homework
  • Cleaned sister’s room
  • Cleaned up playground
  • Started coffee for dad
  • Threw a birthday party for a dog
  • Baked a cake for a brother
  • Made a funny gift for a sick boy
Thanks everyone, for participating! Mom feels very blessed and loved to have all of these RAOK’s going out in her honor.

We love you, Mom! Happy Birthday! And thanks for the excuse you gave us to get out there and love on people.

It’s feeling like an RAOK Friday, Friends! What do you think, should we go for Round 2? Leave a comment & share your story if you get a chance!