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  • My sister-in-law Jess finished up her last class EVER for her graduate program!
  • Mom & I took (nephew) Thomas to the botanical gardens where we played in the giant sandbox and ran up hills.

  • I rolled my ankle big time while walking out of the flower shop with my arms full. Yup. The classic “missed a step” that would make America’s Funniest Home Videos proud.
  • I lost the spare battery for my camera, right when I wanted it. Two days missing, two searched cars, one fully searched room, and then Josh found the battery last night. His reward? The backrub of the century.

The happiest news this week is that today marks one whole year of Grandma Ryan moving to town! She’ll be 94 next month but today deserves a celebration of its own. During the past year she has survived her first snowy winter, mourning the loss of my Grandpa from January 2011, the transition from being wheel-chair bound (not completely) to walking, a big fall and successful hip replacement surgery. What a year! We are so grateful to have her here with us. Now I’m (limping) off to go party! And take photos. With my camera battery.