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Last week Josh & I were visiting Grandma, and it was just warm enough outside that we thought we’d go out on her patio and watch the ducks by the little pond.

Our plans changed, however, when this guy pranced into view.

He flared out his tail and then sat admiring himself in his reflection. He’d turn around so we could get a good view from all angles, and then he’d relax his tail. We spent about 15 minutes admiring him before he casually sauntered off the path and lay down in the woodchips.

The best part is that he was only a few feet away from us. Grandma has very limited vision, she is mostly blind, but because he was so close and partially in the sun, she could see his vibrant colors.

Of course I didn’t have my camera with me that day – these photos are from Josh’s phone – but at least you have an idea of our experience.

Isn’t he just amazing? It is utterly impossible for him to look casual.

There are peacocks in the neighborhood of Grandma’s home, but I have only seen females up until last week. They occasionally (fly?) into this patio area and wait by the door hoping for scraps. The top photo here shows a corner of the “Please do not feed the peacocks” sign!