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Nursery Art, Nursery Decor. Bears in the Rain. Limited edition Art print by Ashley Percival.source

Hello, Weekend! I’m so ready to get to know you better. Last night I had the war of the century with my computer, and I’m just lucky it didn’t get tossed it out the window. Not one of my shining moments! Also, I had a dance party with my nephew.. One that left me wondering why I had bothered swimming that morning if I had known the workout that was ahead. It was all worth it the moment he stopped dancing long enough to say “I just yuv dancing with you, Aunt Zanne!” Be. Still. My. Heart.

And now for some Link Love Inspiration!

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Did Salvadore Dali really have a pet anteater?

The prettiest food I’ve ever seen. And the recipes are included!

Speaking of food, here’s the littlest food I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever heard of Pinerly? Emily wrote an interesting post about its “pinalytic” capabilities.

Super slow motion destruction. The inner 12-year-old boy in you will come out while watching this 6 minute video clip. My personal favorites were the indoor fireworks and the needle in the water bed.

My Aunt Velda kept a jar of candied popcorn on her counter, and it was so exciting when she let us have a handful. This recipe brought me right back to their kitchen and that coveted jar of pretty and sweet popcorn.

Don’t give up.

What an effective way to restore beauty in a place that could use it more than most.

Easter egg dye, grown-up style. *awesome garland alert* These photos were so pretty I almost went out & bought an egg-dying kit.

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Let’s just sit back, sip our coffee, & love on somebody this spring morning. I’m off to go plant some mint! And let’s not even talk about all the housework that’s begging to be done before we head to a cookout with some new friends tonight.

Happy Weekend, Friends! What are you doing this weekend?