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Last month after Josh & I went to Texas, we finished off the trip with a few days in Washington DC. Yeah, it seems a little random, but Josh does this every March for work to lobby for his grant-funded job. He meets with representatives and attends conference sessions while I watch HGTV shop and tour museums until he gets out of work & we are free to explore!

Here are some snapshots from the last leg of our trip:

Capital bike rentals – we’re never going back to DC without renting bikes. It’s by far the best thing we did! You see so much more, and they save untold amounts of walking.  <>  Washington Monument, a view we wouldn’t have walked to but were able to see from our bikes.

Giant dollhouse at the National Museum of American History.  <>  Mural at the National Air and Space Museum.

My Politician on the Mall (Gah! I love this photo!)  <>  Jefferson Memorial. Again, rent bikes.

Magnolia trees were in bloom, but we were just days ahead of the famous cherry blossoms.  <>  Me, exhausted after a day of walking (that would be pre-bike). DC is a little like Alaska – nothing is pictured to scale. And by that I mean everything is much bigger (and farther apart) than you think.

Arlington Cemetery – first time I’ve ever seen it. <>  Paddle boats on the Tidal Basin.

My own personal highlights of this portion of our trip include the best dinner I’ve had in a long time here, touring the National Museum of American History – First Lady Exhibit!, bonding with the Metro, all of the blooming flowers & trees, finding a crepes cart only a few minutes away from our hotel, and experiencing freedom on our bikes after a long day on foot. Oh, and the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Chinatown where we ate on the patio. That was good too.

Please note the intentional absence of “commuting to the airport/the flight home” from my list of highlights. If you at least note it, I’ll feel better about it. Right? Right!