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Oh hey, Weekend! I’ve got big plans for you. I’m thinking about some shopping, some family time, some church, some gardening, some hanging out on the east side of the state, and hopefully some bonding time with the sunshine. But for now, let’s check out some Link Love Inspiration!

Did you see the eagles on live stream video last week? I just checked in on them to see how they’re doing, and a baby eagle pooped right in my face. The nerve!

If you liked the eagles, check out the lamb cam from Juniper Moon Farm. Yup. Lamb cam. It’s gonna have all of us ditching our day jobs & flocking out to the farmland in search of little fluffy white lambs. Thanks for the tip, Ravenna Girls!


I’d buy this house just for the tree.

Cindy has CF too, and she wrote an insightful post on saying the right thing to people who are suffering (from CF or something else) – along with some examples of what not to say.

Love these photos of my favorite kind of clutter.

This has me wanting to visit Japan – which is a pretty new feeling for me.

A beautiful peony, and a touching (short) story to go along with.

Sea urchins + air plants = jellyfish!

A 10 minute video of a 9-year-old boy who made an arcade out of cardboard boxes. $2 buys a fun pass which I believe gives you 500 games. It is just the cutest thing – check out how he dispenses tickets! Oh, and he gets flash mobbed. No big deal.

Whew! Lots of video time today, huh? So I’ll leave you to sit back, sip your coffee, and watch the baby eagles eat their breakfast. And then the lambs. And then watch the cardboard arcade one more time, because darn it, that kid is just so cute!

Happy Weekend, Friends! Let’s make it a good one!