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There’s a new auction house in downtown Grand Rapids. This weekend is the inaugural auction, and it’s packed full of mid-century juicy-ness. We’ve never been to an auction before, but this one sure had us curious. Josh has been excited to go to this for weeks, but then realized he won’t be able to go because he has to work. (Picture extreme frustration here.)

Once he found out he can’t be there on the day of, he buckled me into the car and beelined to the warehouse. Because this way we get to see what we’re missing face to face. And did we ever.

Ugghh this stuff was good! The warehouse was chock full of all of those things that we look for when we go to estate sales. It’s pretty rare to just stumble on any of this at a sale though, because dealers come through first and pick out all of the juicy stuff.

It was really depressing to hear the auction guy tell us that he’ll wait over a day, sometimes two, to make sure he gets into the sales first. And then he just walks in and buys the farm. Actually he doesn’t even do the waiting – he pays a sitter. Which means that the heavy brass chair with leather upholstery that was made by local art school professor will never just fall out of the sky. I guess in this specific case that would be a good thing.

It would be really useful for us to see an auction like this because we do have some similar stuff (for instance, at least as many pole lamps as you see pictured below) that we’d like to sell in our etsy shop. Seeing what they sell for would help us figure out values. Oh, and they had a pendant light that belongs over our dining room table. Rare, wonderful, blah blah blah..

So if you’re in GR and bored tomorrow morning, check it out! And no sudden movements during the auction, or you could have yourself a suddenly expensive morning.

Josh & I will be in Ann Arbor today for a routine doctor visit of mine. He has to work at Eastern Michigan University on Saturday, so we’re staying overnight on that side of the state. I always love a non-health-related reason to stay in Ann Arbor!