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1. Raspberry shoots.

It’s that time of year, Friends! If you want raspberries in your yard, I’m your girl. We’ve got tons of shoots and would have happy to hand them out to anyone who wants them. They’re descendants from Grandpa Patten’s berries – if you didn’t know Grandpa, all I’m trying to say is that they’re the best. Leave a comment if you want your own shoots!
P.S. They’re very aggressive spreaders. *wink*

2. CF Walk.

The Grand Rapids Great Strides Walk is May 19, 2012! (Registration at 9 a.m.)

This is the annual fundraiser put on by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to raise money for research. I wrote a little bit more about it last year, so check out this former post for more info. If you’d rather hear the facts from the CFF itself, go here instead.

We’re under pressure! We have until this Friday, April 13th at 5 pm EST to have five registered walkers who have donated over $5.00 each. If we reach that goal we’ll get a sign with our team name on it at the walk! Let’s go for it!

If you’d like to join our team Steppin’ Up at the Grand Rapids walk on Saturday, May 19th, click here. We’d love to have you.

To donate some moolah toward our team – our goal is to beat 2011’s total of $2330 – click here. ($2330!?! You guys are SO GENEROUS!!! Just blew me away all over again!)

If you’d like to raise money toward the walk and want some promotional materials, leave a comment here and I’ll make sure I get them to you.

Thanks, everyone. This cause obviously means a lot to my family, and we do appreciate your support. Every last little bit of it.