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My mother-in-law likes antique pink glassware, and for Christmas this past year we bought her a beautiful little pink dish. We were told that it holds flower frogs for floral arrangements, which started my wheels turning..

We couldn’t just give her the dish with no frog, right? A fancy pink glass dish (are they called comports?) without a spiky metal frog would just be a candy dish. Or something like that. Before long, thanks to etsy, I found the perfect frog (no, there was no kissing involved).

Mom was thrilled with the dish and is excited to try it out (she’s got some gorgeous peonies which will look amazing in it).

The ironic thing is that after doing the research and learning about flower frogs & (comports?) vases, I was completely hooked and now neeeeeeded one of my own. Go figure, right?

I took it as a sign when I ran into this duo at the thrift shop a couple of months ago. Don’t you love it when something just falls into your lap like that? I know I do!

Obviously I have a lot to learn about flower arranging but I’m so excited about this little combo! I have visions of all sorts of wonderfulness in the next few months.

Are you a flower frog person? I read a few years ago that Martha Stewart collects them, and I’m starting to think she’s on to something..