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What an intro to the weekend! I think this girl’s onto something.. (found here)

This week has been full of color, sunshine, and anticipation of celebrating a really big day if you believe in Jesus like we do. How do you celebrate Easter? Before it arrives, here is some Link Love Inspiration from the week!

Loved this DIY idea, especially since I have an identical spittoon. Yup. Spittoon.

We’ve lived in our house for almost five years now and I still have basic (junky) blinds in our bedroom windows. These pom poms officially chinked a little hole in the wall of my inspirationlessness! <– woah

Live stream video of an eagle’s nest. With babies. This could seriously affect your productivity at work next week.

You may want to check this out if you have a “passion for plants”.

If you can look good in these, you can look good in anything. Thank you Google for making us one step more ridiculous.

Bug on a Bike.

So much personality in these homes – some of them feel like kindred spirits!

This makes me wish I lived in San Fran. At least on April 14th!

Geological Street Art Seen on the Streets of L.A. street art paper Los Angeles geology
Geological Street Art – caught my eye! Check out the rest of it here.

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Happy Easter Weekend, Friends! This weekend we are mourning the death and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! If you ask me, all things in life point to this. So let’s just sit back, sip our coffee, and bask in His love this morning.