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This is exciting! The first garden post of the season. I feel like I could write one a day right now with the way things are growing around here, but for your sake I’ll try to contain myself..

I bought this primrose on sale toward the end of the season last year – couldn’t resist the pretty colors. I didn’t think it would live through the winter, but it lived and also explosively bloomed, a very happy surprise.

Ever since we lost our giant privacy screen pine tree in the backyard last fall, we’ve been trying to find ways to spy on our neighbors a little less. When they tossed these clumps of tall grasses over the fence for us a couple of weeks ago we were more than a little excited. This stuff gets expensive! And I’d rather spend my garden center cash on flowers, personally.

This, Friends, is the crown jewel of my post today. You’re looking at my yellow flowering tree peony, which I have inordinate amounts of love for, and which you’ll be seeing lots of once it blooms. It sent up a shoot! Does that mean it’s spreading? Or maybe I could transplant it? Have you ever seen this before with a tree peony? Regardless, I’m overly thrilled.

So there you have it, Garden Post #1. What’s blooming in your yard so far?