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So last month (already) we took a trip and instead of trying to explain it in one post, I decided it would be more fun to share a few snapshots from along the way.

When we left Austin, TX, we drove over to Houston to have dinner with some friends & meet their newest family member. Hello, Ackermans! Even short visits can be good for the soul, know what I mean?

From Houston it was on to Dallas, the whole reason we were in TX to begin with. Josh *won* tickets for us to fly down for a Major League Soccer game. Fun, right? There’s more – Josh’s brothers also won a trip down (yup) so it was me & the boys in Dallas for a couple of days. This is what it looked like:

Top Golf with the boys – “smart” driving range? Their lives will never be the same.  <>  FC Dallas soccer field.

Why, yes, I was the only person out of approx 10,000 wearing sandals. In Dallas. And freezing.  <>  The roar of the crowd. Josh and his brothers doing their part.

After the soccer game disc golf – oh there’s the sun!  <>  The course was muddy (it had been raining for days), and they came back to the hotel with Texas mud all over their shoes. But check Nate out, looking like a disc golf rock star!

This was all before a much-needed dinner here – can you tell I was the only girl in our crew? Soccer, disc golf, bbq.. A very good weekend indeed.

One more vacay post and we’re done, Friends! Hang in there..