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Good morning, Friends! This week just flew by and left a flurry of fun articles & little pieces of inspiration in its wake. So today it’s time for some Link Love Inspiration!


Do you have hellebore in your garden? I sometimes wonder what I’m missing out on..

I love California too!

Well if these aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen, you just might need new glasses.

The swimmer/water-lover in me just loves this painting.

Over 1,000 musical instruments being hit by a moving vehicle.. And making music. Have you seen it yet?

In my head, Josh (math teacher) has an office, and these are covering the walls. It’s the perfect fit. In my head.

Mouth-watering crepes. Lemon zest ricotta and blackberries? Y U M.

Who’s up for some star gazing this weekend?

10 different DIY ideas using florals.

Speaking of florals, did you know it’s okay to eat (some) wildflowers? Violet sugar, apple blossom honey, and breakfast risotto with pretty purple flowers.. Are you brave enough?

This photo makes me really want to make lace curtains.

2 1/2 minutes of flowers blooming. This, Friends, will make your day.

Now we can just sit back, sip our coffee, and enjoy another spring-y Saturday morning. Don’t you just love this time of year?

Happy weekend, Friends! What are you up to this weekend?