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Happy Friday, Friends! Today’s post is just a little peek at Life Lately..

  • We had our own fresh flowers in the house – spring is such a beautiful thing!
  • I forgot my flip-flops the other morning at the pool. While I was showering before I swam (sans flip-flops) someone turned a shower on which was aimed at my towel, and then they left the shower room. No flip-flops, sopping wet towel. So that wasn’t my favorite. Not remotely.

  • Mom & I went shopping together and happened upon my dream shop. Aaannnd it was closed. Probably a good thing, if you think about it..
  • I drove home from work in the blazing sun yesterday with the windows down (in our 1991 Buick, nothing if not classy) listening to the Doors come on baby light my fire. On cassette. So now you know.

  • I bought a plantain (not grapefruit, that’s just a photo) at the grocery store – in a rush. I meant to buy a banana for Josh. I didn’t even realize it until I got home, when Josh pointed it out to me. Why are things like that always worse when Josh is the one who figures it out?

  • This little donkey’s tail succulent just arrived for me, all the way from here. Thanks, Ryan & Jenna!
  • My seeds are supposed to be coming in today, which means I’ll be planting up a storm all weekend. I’m most excited about these!

And finally, an Etsy Shop teaser/update: Sneak Peek!

Josh & I have been working on a different project that took up lots of spare time this winter/spring, so I was glad to get a chance this week to add some new items to our Etsy shop, Selected And Collected. Check them out here!

Our little shop has been pretty fun. Since opening in December, we’ve sold more than we thought we would (and by that I mean 15 sales, haha).. We even shipped a couple of things internationally – remember this? It’s now in Switzerland. And this? Australia. One item even made it all the way to Nyack, NY. Seriously.

So, Friends, that’s a little bit of Life Lately. What have you been up to?