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Last year when the forsythia were in bloom, I skulked down the street with some clippers to the very busy (and by that I mean visible) intersection near our house where a huge forsythia resides to chop a few branches for my mom. It was Mother’s Day. Yes. Mother’s Day.

Friends, the forsythia is already blooming! In fact, these photos were taken last week, after I skulked brazenly walked with Josh down to that same intersection for an early Mother’s Day present for my mom.

This year we upgraded to the loppers. I like to think we’re doing community service. I mean so many people drive by that bush all year long, and I’m pretty sure a well-trimmed forsythia is more appreciated than an overgrown, neglected one. I’m just sayin’.

Regardless, you’re looking at an early Mother’s Day present for my mom. Which makes Spring almost 2 months early according to the forsythia. Crazy!

Oh, and here’s last year’s escapade, if you missed it.