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I’ve been wanting to share some trip photos with you – but we all know how it can get, looking at other people’s photos. So I thought I’d break it up according to destination, and just give you a few little snapshots into our time away. I hope you like it!

So. Here’s Austin, TX in all of its somewhat rainy glory.
The carpets at our bed & breakfast in the South Congress neighborhood  <>  Succulents for sale at the market  <>  Curated vintage clothing shops! Such a treat.

Again, our little cottage B&B  <>  Again, the vintage shops  <>  Something tells me the rain we experienced was rare.

Hey Cupcake!  <>  Houses like this never fail to make me smile  <>  That would be our outdoor shower.

I love everything about this photo  <>  Drinking espresso in the rain  <>  Big bold Texas Sky, on the way to Destination #2…

Austin was fun. Even the Bat Bridge. Yep. I must reaaaaally love my husband. I went bat-watching.