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I recently discovered a new-to-me blog called “oh, hello friend” and have quickly learned to look forward to pretty photos, graphic design, free downloads, along with a perspective in life that I share. I’m hooked. So a couple of months ago when Danni posted her shop swap, my antenna went up. Wait a minute, I have a shop! Swap! Swap!

Danni paired us swappers according to interest/what we sell in our shops, and I was excited to see meet my partner. Introducing The Ravenna Girls! Brianne and Danielle are friends who live in Seattle, sharing a blog and two etsy shops – one for handmade, one for vintage (how adorable is that!).

I promptly lost an embarrassing amount of time reading through their blog archives, feeling sorta creepy because I was relating so much to them. The sad thing about it all is that I can’t just invite them over for dinner.

Check out the loot they sent my way for the swap:

They make these awesome rope bracelets which I’ve seen popping up other places around the internet (here, for instance). I was secretly hoping for one. Thanks, guys!

They paired it with a vintage scarf that could just as easily have come out of my closet. Meant to be! I had to fight the cat for it, but at least I won – it was definitely worth the fight.

Oh, and they wrote a sweet note on the prettiest paper to go along with. Such a fun spring-y package!

So what does all of this have to do with the photos below? Click here to see!

For your shot at a pretty rope bracelet like mine, go here! Check out their vintage shop too – I’m fighting the strong urge to purchase this.

For me, the best part of this whole experience is that I came away with new friends. Awww! I’m always excited to meet people who share my faith & other interests, and I didn’t even see it coming this time. Ha! Brianne & Danielle, thanks for being such fun partners! I am so thankful to have met you both. Definitely a successful swap on lots of levels.