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We have this rubber tree in our living room that is completely overgrown. Every couple of years we suddenly look at it and think, wow, we should really try to prop up a branch or two (they’ve lost all interest in staying up on their own).. Which has resulted in this jungle:

That’s it. Time for a haircut. I had a hairy canary and decided enough was enough, but somehow Josh was the one who got stuck untangling it from the mess of twine. We chopped the two biggest (most out of control) branches off, which will hopefully allow the rest of it to grow more evenly and less dependant on the blinds for support.

Oh, and we gave it a roomier pot.

Let’s try not to get so out of control this time, mmmkay?

I just did a quick check on Wikipedia because I’m always surprised when this tree reaches new heights. Like the ceiling. Almost. How tall can rubber trees get, anyway? Oh, no big deal, only 100 feet (in the wild)! When we bought it six years ago the thing was maybe 12″ tall. They should really put warning labels on them. Beware, this innocent little plant will eventually take over large portions of your living space. Also, it won’t be able to stay upright. Good luck.

I also learned that the white substance that was dripping out from the chopped branches is latex. *gasp* There’s a reason for the name “rubber tree”!

Thanks, Wikipedia. You know everything.