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Home again! Actually I’m writing this from DC, but assuming that when this posts I’ll be sawing logs in my own bed.

This could possibly have been the weirdest trip we’ve ever taken – 4 days in TX –> 4 days in DC. We packed so much stuff it makes my stomach hurt to think about the Metro ride we have back to the airport (or had, by the time you read this).. Dress clothes, casual clothes, winter coats (joke’s on us), rain coats (glad we had those), 2 computers, aerosol machine for my therapy.. Because we checked a bag, our mentality while packing veered in the opposite direction from minimalist. And I still forgot sunblock. I wasn’t really expecting to need it – Ha!

Now that we’re home, it looks like the sunblock is coming out of storage for good! Oh hello, warm weather!  This, my Friends, is a beautiful thing.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom, who turned 60 yesterday! 60 years young, obviously. Love you Mom!