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Happy Monday!

Welp, Josh & I have flown the coop. We’ve been careening around Texas for a few days – Austin, Houston, and most recently Dallas. Yesterday we went to a Major League Soccer game – my first! It was the inspiration for this little portion of the trip, oddly enough.

This morning we’re leaving the South and heading to Washington DC, where Josh will be working for the next few days while I’ll be roaming the Smithsonian Museums.

By the way, the weather we’ve had in Texas has pretty consistently been simliar to or worse than the weather back at home. Oh, and we’re expecting warmer/better weather in DC than we had in Texas. Go figure, right? The rain only brought me one disappointment, but it did cut deep. Yes, I have stories.

Oh, and have you ever tried to cram half a bag of cotton candy into a suitcase without squashing it? That’s my current goal. Wish me luck!