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This weekend we went to the symphony. But not just any symphony, this was the annual Symphony with Soul. Which means there was a choir too. Oh, and in that choir.. Was my Dad. (Hey, Dad!) Yup – back row, bright white head, tallest guy there. Check him out!

There’s something pretty special about hearing so many musicians performing together on the same stage. And when you add a performance by Dianne Reeves (who I would love to see again) Well Then. You don’t mind that your “geriatric” self isn’t getting to bed until after midnight. I don’t do late nights really at all. And yes, midnight is late. If you disagree with me on this, I promise that someday you’ll agree.

My parents try to sing in this choir event every year but we don’t always make it to the performance. This time Mom was with us in the audience. And when Dianne told a funny story, the guy next to Mom found it so funny he couldn’t stop laughing. Couldn’t stop. Naturally I leaned over to Josh to bring it to his attention. Which made me laugh. And then I couldn’t stop. Me and that guy, we’re so mature.

Oh, and here’s one of the songs she performed for us. This video is not from the other night, but it’ll give you an idea anyway.

Good, right?

How was your weekend, Friends?