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Are you a big picture-taker? Do you have a child (or someone else in your life) that knows you better with a camera in front of your face than without? These two little boys could probably relate. The following photos are by Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada – they are images of his two sons. I don’t even know these little guys but I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them. It’s time for a piece of boy are they cute inspiration!

source for all photos: here and here

Precious. Agh, that Suzuki shot just slays me. I love the glimpse we have been given into the Japanese culture – everyday life of two little boys. Doesn’t it make you want to sit back, sip your coffee, and dream about what your life would look like through the lens of such an artist? Every life is beautiful. There is beauty in the ordinary. What is ordinary for you may not be ordinary for someone else. That is all.

Anyhoo, Friends, have a marvelous weekend! Ours started last night with dinner at our neighbor’s house to hear stories & see photos from their month in Nepal. Oh my, those Himalayas aren’t small.