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I have a history with woven baskets. The kind of history where I point and laugh at the mounds of used up baskets in thrift stores or estate sales because we all know no one’s going to buy them. Who buys baskets??

This past summer Josh & I were on vacation and happened upon an entire shop dedicated to the selling of baskets. I found it hilarious and made Josh go in it with me so he could take a picture of me mocking it by “shopping”. Ironically, that was the store where we found the light fixture of our dreams (which interestingly enough was woven.. like a basket). See a photo of that beauty here.

Now let’s fast forward to this week when I drove past a local thrift store and saw this jaw-dropping stunner in the window.

Love at first sight! I wrestled with it a little – literally – and also in my head, because it is a basket after all. And I don’t like baskets. Right? .. Well, there is that one.. Wait.. I think I actually have a few..

Oh my gosh, I’ve been lying to myself. I love baskets. Bring on the wicker!

(side note, the “hive” above is my absolute favorite. I reeeally love that one.)

It’s time to come clean. My name is Suzanne. I laugh at baskets. And I also love them. In fact, I bet I like wicker better than you do. And that thought scares me more than a little.

By the way, the gorgeous pink wicker jug you’ve been eyeing for the last few minutes is actually for sale in our etsy shop. You can find it here if you want it for your own wicker collection. The truth is I’d feel better about letting it go if I knew it was going to a friend. *wink*