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When I was in fourth grade I had a pink sweater that I loved. It was just long enough to wear with leggings and I bet I wore it three times a week. One night I had a dream that I was on a boat party (shaped like a giant white swan, I was 10) and I was wearing my beloved sweater.  Something happened and my sweater was ruined, and I was devastated. That’s when someone led me to the back of the boat where a trunk awaited me. The trunk was packed with new sweaters – one in every color of the rainbow. Every color. I was over the moon excited. When I woke up that morning I leaped out of bed (probably haven’t done that since – heh) and raced to my closet, already mentally choosing which color to wear that day… When reality came crashing down on me. The sweaters weren’t real. I still remember how hard it was to realize that I had only been dreaming.

Why am I revisiting former dreams that didn’t come true? Partly because I wanted you to stick around long enough for the slide show below to load, and partly because it finally happened! The dream coming true thing!

I’ve got this love for vintage linens – sometimes I talk about it (tea towels) and sometimes it lurks beneath the surface of my consciousness. Recently *get ready for this* my friend Nancy gifted me this entire stack of tablecloths. This, Friends, is my pink sweater, all grown up.

One in every color, and I can’t choose which one to use first. Thank you, Nancy!

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