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This post is dedictated to the Phil Phans. *wink*

It’s Groundhog Day! Happy Groundhog Day, Friends!!

I know I’m about to lose a few of you here, but the rumors are true. On this day in 2009 we did indeed travel to Punxsutawney with some good friends (Hey, Jim & Wendy!) to see Phil predict the weather. If considering such a journey for yourself, here are three things to know before you make reservations.

1. Your reservations will probably actually be in a town half an hour away from Punxsutawney because Punxy (local lingo, you know how it is) fills up fast.
2. The movie was not filmed in Punxy. Punxy actually isn’t a very cute town (sooo sorry to say that, Phil Phans!) but they make up for it by providing historical town tours/hay rides, meet & greets with the Inner Circle Members, and my favorite – a screening of the movie Groundhog Day in their local (and quaint) town theater.
3. Head to bed early (if you’re going to bed) because the festivities start in the middle of the night before Phil makes his prediction. Gobbler’s Knob is alive with performances (my favorite song was “Phil’s Got Mojo”), fireworks, and corny jokes way before the sun comes up.

It was really tempting to blast this post full of photos & videos from our exciting moments with Phil but then Lawrence Welk came on the scene and he does a better job. Let’s get our Pennsylvania Polka on!

Why the Pennsylvania Polka? Sounds like we should probably take a little gander at Groundhog Day (the movie). Do yourself a favor and watch it tonight (’cause you know it’s gonna be all over TV). It may even change your life a little bit. You know, redirect it in some way.. Have you evaluating where you want to be in oh, say five years or so..

That last video is for Ned as a token of my affection for him. And that scene.