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A new sailboat for the wall  <>  Grapefruit, Mmmm  <>  We sold the prettiest watch ever from our etsy shop this weekend  <>  A stack of vintage tablecloths that I can’t wait to tell you about

What was your weekend like, Friends?

Oh, and thanks to Brett from Catcus and Kudzu, who passed me the Versatile Blogger Award. By the way, isn’t that the best name for a blog? If you get a chance, check her out and see what the name means.

In spirit of breaking the rules and passing the award on to just one person (instead of fifteen), today I’m choosing Blaze Bratcher! I was drawn to her blog by her artwork and photography skills, and she’s got the prettiest cat. So Blaze, this one’s for you!

For other info regarding the Versatile Blogger Award, go here or here.