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I cannot, cannot believe that I haven’t done this post before today. If you’ve seen my Blogs I Read page, you know that there are a lot of blogs on the list. This one, however, is my favorite. And by “favorite” I mean “I sure am close to being obsessed”. I think you’ll understand why. It’s time for a piece of An Apple a Day inspiration!IMG_6763

These photos are all the product of Brooklyn florist Amy Merrick, taken from her blog. If I were you I’d sit back, sip my coffee, and get lost in her blog for a while this morning. Time well spent.

I literally have to hold myself back from pinning every single one of her photos to Pinterest every time she posts.. I just love their moody tone and bright punchy florals. And for the record the second photo down in this post is my favorite photo. Period. I think I’ve tried to recreate similar shots at least five times.

Happy Weekend, Friends! Mark is off of IV therapy (mentioned here) as of yesterday, and is playing racquetball with Josh this morning. This feels better.