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A few months ago I was looking at cat beds on etsy & Pinterest (I know, so cool, right?) not because I want to buy one but because I think they’re hilarious. That’s when I made a discovery that fired up my imagination. These next photos really don’t need any explanation other than this – They are Pinspiring.

sources: 1/2/3/4

So what do you do when you’re Pinspired? You act on it before you lose that special enthusiasm and your Pinspiration gets lost in the shuffle of boards and pins. That, my Friends, is how I ended up here..

I made my cat a teepee. Yes, I did.

When you go to the effort of assembling materials, providing backdrops, etc, you at least hope for one nice little photo of the cat inside the teepee looking fierce. After all, it worked for the Pinterest teepee cat! Yes, it’s “silly” but there’s always a chance that a photo of the cat in the teepee looking fierce will make someone’s day. Right?

Fine. It would have made mine. So I really worked for it. The results?

Fail. It was a long and tiring session for both of us, and she was just not having it. Not for all the toys and treats in the world.

There you have it, Friends. Pinspiration doesn’t always lead to a moment dreams are made of, but it’s still worth trying for. What have you been Pinspired by lately?

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