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I stumbled on this video earlier this week & have watched it several times since then. Filmed by Klara Harden, it is a summary of her walk (by herself) across Iceland in the summer of 2011. The scenery is almost other-worldly, but what really drew me in was the freedom and the solitude that she enjoyed and struggled with respectively. Just her and God’s (sometimes) green earth.

This is a preview of the whole video of her experience, it’s just a couple minutes. Check it out!

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To be honest, the full version (here) is even better. It begins with Mumford & Sons “Awake My Soul” and has almost 16 minutes of stunning scenery and the highs and lows of a long, hard, beautiful journey. The very end of it made me want to go out to the nearest hilltop and bust a serious move. I understand that lots of you won’t have time to sit down & watch it from start to finish. But for those of you who do, why don’t you leave a message in the comments & let us know your thoughts?