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So here’s something today you might not know about my husband. Josh wins things. Big things like trips. It’s sorta turning into a habit. In case you don’t know him personally, know this: he’s a really smart guy. He’s got strategic skills like you wouldn’t believe, and that’s a great skill set for winning competitions of the mind. *wink*

Here’s an example: last summer he won an ESPN Fantasy Soccer (like Fantasy Football) league and was given a giant gift card to Best Buy. With it he bought me a new laptop! What a guy, right? Goodbye, Dark Ages!

He likes the challenge of solving riddles and looking for clues, and he annually participates in a couple of riddles around town. Last year I showed a photo or two of him on the hunt here.

The most recent riddle was put on just before Christmas by a local radio station (99.3WJQ) and Jensen’s Jewelers in Hudsonville. The prize? $250 and a .50ct diamond! *gasp* Josh got his parents and brother Nate involved and they were committed to the search. Every day for 5 days he made the commute to Zeeland (a nearby town 1/2 hr away) to dig through bushes and paw through trees looking for the treasure.

Aaaaannnnnnd he found it. Of course he did. Right when I was really starting to give him grief for being so dedicated to something he had such a small chance of winning.

These photos are from the radio “interview with the winners” Josh & Nate. Mom elected to not be on the radio but she was the third-party in the winning trio.

In case you’re wondering what they’ll do with their spoils, it’s still up in the air. Their decision depends on boring things like how much they’ll be taxed on their loot. My official vote is to make a pretty diamond pendant for Mom. I mean really, is there ever a time in your life where you can do something that special with that kind of story for your mom? And they do have access to some pretty awesome custom designs.. Just saying..  But the decision will be made by the three of them and whatever they choose it’s still a good story, right?!