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I’m in transition over here, trying to get some 2012 stuff rolling and de-Christmas-ing the house. That, by the way, felt so good. If you have a hard time getting motivated to decorate for Christmas, here’s my advice: do it. Because when you take everything down in January your house will feel incredibly clean and uncluttered. Best. Feeling. Ever.

One thing I do update seasonally is my indoor kitchen “clothesline” which is home to an ever-growing collection of vintage tea towels. I’ve blogged about it before here.

These are two of my favorites that were recently hanging out with us – the top towel was on the clothesline in the late fall and the bottom was there through the holidays.

Fabric artwork! And they’re washable, which is a plus in our little kitchen.

I was excited to remember this kitty calendar towel that I’d been saving for the new year. I know, it’s not the right calendar for this year, but it’s a calendar none-the-less. The kitty factor just puts me right over the edge.

Ahhh!! So cute. I think the kitchen is the perfect room in the house for kitsch. Who wouldn’t want a “kitschy” kitchen? Ha! Type that 3 times fast!

Rolling on the calendar theme, I’ve got something fun to share and thereby keep myself accountable. For the next five years. That’s right, Friends! One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this Jane Austen 5-year journal from my good friend April. I love it because if I follow through with it, the 5th year will include some interesting reading. I’m scared of it because I’ve never written a journal I don’t want to burn. To ashes. To the ashes of ashes.

The redeeming feature of this journal is that there are only four lines per day. I’m thinking if I write big it’ll just fit a sentence or two – not enough room for the really incriminatingly embarrassing stuff, right? *here’s to hoping*

The best part of it is that April is going to do one along with me. In five years, we’ll have a bottle of wine and some hilarious reading. I’m looking forward to it already. And April, I’m proud of you for finding Jane Austen products anywhere on the market that we haven’t already gifted each other. That must’ve been some search!