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Oh hello succulent with sparklers. Don’t you look festive.

As the year comes to a close I’ve been thinking of a way to summarize my 2011. I’m generally not a resolution-maker or even a goal-maker (trying to work on that), and this year was no exception. The weird thing is, no matter how I look at it 2011 was a year that I am incredibly grateful for. It was the calm after the storm of 2010, and I wouldn’t have dared dream of something so wonderful.

I’m ready to celebrate this weekend. And ideally that would look a lot like this photo below as opposed to visions of confetti, sequins, and noise-makers. Same level of sincerity of course.

 source, found here

What about you, Friends? What was 2011 like in your world? Are you excited for a clean slate/fresh start? Inspiring, isn’t it..

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