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Happy Tuesday, Friends! I hope you’re successfully recovering from wrapping paper overload. I spent some time bonding with my couch and catching up on some blog reading yesterday which made me realize that I’ve never shared a list of blogs I like to read. Soooo I added a new page to my blog that is chock full of links. There are lots of them, so beware. The blogs included are full of inspiration, artistic, blogs of friends, and blogs of blog friends (ha!). The thing that they have in common is that they are all guilty of having made me smile at one point or another. Check them out here!

The holidays have been a whirlwind of activity, and I want to take a moment this morning to enjoy them before the past is blurred. Here’s a sample of some of our Christmas Festivities!

Santa parade in Hudsonville. Reindeer included.

Annual Undie Exchange with my college girlfriends. Six out of seven of us were there this year, which is definitely something to be proud of! #7 was with us via skype this year – we’re so techy I can hardly handle it (Thank you, April & Wendy!).

First snow. And my favorite – Double Mittens! Looks like the nephew’s been doing some homework.

My Aunt Barb played her violin in a Christmas concert at St. Cecelia’s, a gorgeous old building downtown. We sat in the front row with Grandma and I made a big scene taking photos of our musician and cheering.

I just realized these photos of the concert make it look like we were the only ones in the audience! So funny. We really weren’t. At all.

We also breezed around the Meijer Gardens taking in the Christmas Spirit with my parents, one of many family outings & get-togethers during December.

The list could go on but I have a feeling you get the picture. I hope your Christmas was every bit as merry!

Oh by the way, Thanks to Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid for featuring one of the items in our etsy shop on her blog this weekend. It was hilarious how many views the shop had.