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Two more days until Christmas, Friends. That went fast! Let’s end our little Merry & Bright series with the tree today. It just makes sense somehow.

As I mentioned before, I finally convinced Josh that we neeeeeeeded a white tree this year. We’ve never had a fake tree before but the logic that won him over was if it’s fake, it may as well look fake. And does it ever!

Sometimes when we come home after dark and the tree lights are on (which you can see from a few houses down) it looks like Doug is beaming Christmas cheer to the entire neighborhood.

You could also say that it looks like a cupcake exploded in the living room. Rainbows and happiness abound. The funny thing is that we never finished decorating it. We have an entire tub of ornaments in the basement right now that never saw the light of day this year. It’s been a crazy month. And the ornaments were the first thing to go.

Since we’re really here to talk about a vintage Christmas, let me point out the vintage items in these photos:

  • the ornaments – aren’t they beautiful?
  • tree topper – found it this summer *total score*

Wait. You need to hear our tree topper story, sorry. Okay. Here goes. Josh’s family tradition is that every grandkid was given an ornament until their 18th birthday from Grandpa & Grandma Brandsen. On their 18th, they received a tree topper. Such a fun tradition!

Josh’s tree topper was a large (12″) lacy white butterfly. And it wasn’t technically a tree topper, so the wires that we attached it to the tree with left it at a funky angle and were sorta awkward.

We actually used it for five years because we love Grandpa & Grandma, and because it’s sorta funny. But there comes a time to move on, and finding our new one this summer just felt so good in so many ways. Are we on the same page here? Okay, back to the list..

  • tree skirt – a little less traditional perhaps, but it’s some vintage fabric I had hanging around. I love the pattern and colors, and I think it looks really pretty under the tree.
  • my dress – yup! It’s vintage. And velvet. And frankly when I wear it I feel like I should hang out with our tree all day. It’s got this elf-ish vibe that I can’t shake.

The cat loves the tree, and for this reason December ranks among her favorite months of the year. She doesn’t climb it (thankfully) but probably figures we put it there just for her to hide under.

And that, my Friends, is our tree.

You know Pinterest has tons of inspiration for vintage-y trees, and I love this shot of someone’s ornament collection. I think they would look so pretty on our tree!

Pinned Imagesource

Etsy also has lots of vintage Christmas stuff available – in fact, we’ve even got some in our shop.

Thanks for coming along in our Merry & Bright posts, Friends! It’s been really fun for me & I hope you enjoyed it too. Here’s the first, second, and third posts if you missed them.