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Week 3 of Merry & Bright is all about the 12 Days of Christmas!

Until this year I hadn’t really decorated much for Christmas – or any holiday, for that matter – mostly because we don’t have a lot of extra space in our house for things that aren’t functional. It always makes me happy when I find things that are pretty and useful, which probably would explain why I have way too many tea towels.

The stars aligned for me when I found this vintage set of beverage-holding prettiness. Friends, you’re looking at the 12 days of Christmas, glassware-style. Good, right?

I found them this summer and couldn’t resist even though it’s really hard to think about Christmas when it’s 80 degrees out. Head. Over. Heels. Don’t you love those illustrations? On the back of each glass is the verse of the song for each particular day.

They’re actually a good guide for analyzing just how obsessively orderly you are. If you’re able to use any one of these glasses out-of-order, or on the wrong day (of the 12 Days of Christmas), I’d say you’re not all that “Type A”. That would be me. But for anyone whose heart rate goes up when thinking about using Day 9 before Day 2, these may not be the best glasses for you. Or maybe they would be because you would then have another outlet for your OCD.

Either way, I just think they’re the prettiest things ever. If you want some for yourself, I found some for sale! See here or here!

Oh, and I was looking around on Pinterest, working on the theme of useful/functional Christmas decor (vintage, of course) when I came across this wreath made of colored paper straws.

Pinned Image

Cute, right? Not technically vintage, but definitely vintage-inspired, and almost-functional, or at least made of functional materials.. Really, I just think those straws would be adorable with these glasses.

Rambling. Again. Have yourself a Merry & Bright Friday, Friends!

Oh by the way.. Thanks for checking out our new etsy shop! One of the items we have listed was recently featured in a vintage gift guide for the “unique family member” – oh goodness. Check it out here if you’re curious!