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So.. It’s been getting dark pretty early these days, which is great for things like watching the moon or going to bed early.. But not so hot for things like my succulents, which have all but kicked the bucket in the last week. Desperate times, Friends, desperate times.

The heart of the issue here is in the photo above, on the right. Those are my string of pearls cuttings, and they are melting away in front of me. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if I didn’t want them so bad, but as far as houseplants go, they have approximately 89% of my heart. I love them. And they’re dying!!

Drastic times, drastic measures, right? I popped over to the hydroponic store which is oh-so-conveniently located a couple of doors down from my work and fit these guys up with a grow light.

A few of the neighborhood pots showed up for the extra time in the “sun”, but unfortunately nothing has turned the tide for my poor little string of pearls.. 

So here we are, afternoon sunbathing in the front window, morning and evening sun with the grow light. I am officially that pathetic. And it’s not being rewarded. These are trying times indeed. Help! How do I save them? I’m almost out of time!

Sorry to be such a downer. Ready for some better news?

Our etsy shop Selected And Collected is up and running! Not only that, we’ve had some sales already. Want to check it out? Click here to see it.

We plan on keeping it stocked with household vintage items for the most part. I’ll be adding some really interesting pieces of (vintage) jewelry from our shop too, which I’m pretty excited about. I think this etsy shop will definitely help find the proper customers for some special pieces that we’ve collected over the years. It’s been fun so far, that’s for sure. If you’re an etsy shopper or seller or if you just generally have opinions on stuff I’d love your feedback on it – we’re new to etsy and there sure is a lot to learn.

It sure is fun sending perfect strangers “presents” in the mail!